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Frequently asked questions:

How many games will my kid play?

Each player will play a guaranteed 4 games through out the weekend with a chance to make an All Star game. Each player will receive an even amount of playing time!

What time does camp start and end?

Camp will begin Saturday at 8am and the day will be over once the last game is finished. We will resume Sunday at 8am and camp will be over by 4pm.

Will photos be taken?

Yes photos will be taken by professional photographers and posted on this website for free.

Will mixtapes be available for purchase?

Yes mixtapes will be available for purchase at the event for $125. This will guarantee that your child will have a mixtape made after the event.

Are refunds available?


If you missed the event the registration fee will be good for next years event. 


No, uniforms will be provided. He must bring his own Basketball shoes.

How does the camp pick the all stars?

Every game will have evaluators looking at each player. Players will be selected off of the ability to play the game the correct way throughout the weekend.

Why should we come to this camp?

This camp will give your child the opportunity to go against elite competition in an exceptional atmosphere. It will be an experience that will last a lifetime

Are Parents allowed to stay and watch?

Yes, we encourage all parents to stay and watch their kid play.

How are the teams selected?

We place you on a team based on height. The normal make up is 10 players on a team. Each kid will receive equal playing time.

Is room and boarding provided?

No, every player is responsible for their own room and boarding. We have hotel discounts but players can stay anywhere they see fit.

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